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Cultures Around the World: Nepal, Syria, Portugal, and America

Nepalese Clothing
Formerly in Nepal, clothes were made from a thread created with the bark of 'Puwa', which is in the nettle family. Sheep and goat wool was also used for blankets. Women would weave all the clothes on back-strip loons. Now, most clothes are made by machines in a factory, but some are still woven.

In ceremonies especially, Indian clothing is used frequently. People may wear saris, cover their hands in designs made with henna dye, and wear bangles. Also, variations of the sari are becoming more and more popular for everyday clothing.

Sherpa men generally wear a choda, which is a long ankle-length robe bound with a sash at the waist and long sleeves that extend past the fingertips. Women wear a chuba, similar to the choda. On top of that a colorfully striped woolen apron is worn. On Festive occasions, chubas with brocade patches at the corners are worn, as well as a long coat decorated in the same way. A tsering kingab is a high crowned brocade hat with four fur-lined flaps worn by both men and women on holidays.

Most jewelry in Nepal is not purchased for looks and design, but for mythical properties of the stones used (ex.: Turquoise means good luck).